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The  sundial:  the  time  in  light  and  shadow games 



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The sun as a clock
"But what really is a sun dial ?"


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"Who I am and what I do"

Universal equinoctial ring -
    Some of my realizations

" My sun dials and other proposals"

 Different types of solar clocks -
     Aspects of my work
"How a wall becomes a clock"
Glimpses of the history of
measuring time
" Man has always measured time"  

Friends and pages of gnomonics
Decorators and restorators and a look at the gnomonic panorama"



ello and welcome to my little island  of this great virtual ocean.


 I'm Paolo Moratello, I live in Cerea in the Province of Verona - Italy where I teach Science in the local High School "Leonardo da Vinci".

Ive been studying gnomonics for a long time now. Gnomonics is the science that joining different studies like astronomy, mathematics and art together with spirit of observation for the natural phenomena, deals with sun dials and solar clocks.

  For the aim to divulge the knowledge of the art of the measurement of the time I devote me, besides, in the leisure time and in collaboration with qualified artistic studies, to the realization of sundials on modern buildings and to the recovery of those still preexisting on villas and rural courts.
When the occasion introduces him I develop consultation for the plan of sundials of various typology on buildings and spaces of public place in collaboration with the competent direction of the jobs.
anello equinoziale

Have a look at the UNIVERSAL EQUINOCTIAL RING, one of the nicest hand sun watches used in the past centuries.

I can get you this watch rebuilt in every detail and to facilitate you Ive translated these pages in your language.


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address: Paolo Moratello
                 via Galvani n 5
                 Cerea (VR) - Italy

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